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Hello, and thank you for visiting my website.  My website have recently been hacked and compromised, so I had to redo the whole shebang, but I must admit, it gave me the opportunity to rethink the way I do some things!  I have decided to capture life and tell the story as I go on, when and how fancy strikes me.  Almost like an Instagram - just my own!  I will be posting some older stuff every now and then, but most importantly, tell the story of beautiful rural New Zealand.  So, please come back regularly!

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We went for a short daytrip to The Mount, one of the main beaches in Tauranga.  Lovely sunny Sunday, eventually filled with ice cream - yes, from the honey shop - the most delicious honey and fig flavor.  We almost stopped again on our return trip to Hamilton.


The Mount was buzzing with people on holiday, with a large number of real tourists from a cruise ship making up the bulk.  The beach was well populated with sun seekers, adding to the colorful mix.  Lifesavers buzzing up and down the beach:

The Mount has the most welcoming walkways, some bordered with Pohutukawa trees, and levels for everybody's enjoyment.  There is the arduous walk up Mount Maunganui, the boardwalks on Marine Drive, and the shops in Maunganui Rd and Steeple Lane.  Some good Glass Art gallery there as well.

Go visit...!